My Father Ip Man – an Article by Grandmaster Ip Ching

A great article recommended by Sifu Russell Cichon. It is about the life of Wing Chun legend Ip Man by his son, Grandmaster Ip Ching.

Ip Ching and his father Ip Man My late father was born in Fatshan at the end of Ching Dynasty. Fatshan was situated at the most prosperous region of the Zheyieng Delta of Guangdong province and it was the hub of land and sea transport. From ancient time, it had been called one of the Ever Major Historical Towns of China in association with Jingde, Thuxian and Hankiou. Industry and trade, in particular handicraft trade, prospered all along and the residents lived a stable and prosperous life.

As a result, culture and art developed fully and as Chinese martial art was part of China’s traditional culture and art, the trend of learn material art was very popular. Well known Masters of the South School, e.g. Wong Fai-hung, Cheung Hung-shing, Leung Chan, Leung Siu-ching etc. came from Fatshan. Master Ip was born in such an age and he was extremely fond of Chinese martial art. With talent and persistence as well as teaching by famous teachers(Chan Wah-shun at the beginning and Leung Bik, son of Leung Chan later), Master Ip Man’s achievement could be envisaged.

I came to Hong Kong in 1962 and followed my father to learn martial arts. Afterwards, I assisted him in teaching Wing Chun until he passed away in 1972. I learned a lot from the way he taught. As it was the 100th anniversary of the birth Master IP Man, I would like to put forward a few points that I learned from the master’s way of teaching in the hope that all “Wing Chun” disciples would learn from them and study them.

The Master put great emphasis on the selection of talent. He always said, “no doubt it is difficult for a disciple to select a teacher, but it is even more difficult for a teacher to select a disciple”. Continue reading “My Father Ip Man – an Article by Grandmaster Ip Ching”