Soft Chi Sau Intro

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2 thoughts on “Soft Chi Sau Intro

  1. Hello, my name is Harun. I’ve been doing martial arts since i was 7 years old. I was focus to learn how to fight in my family and never could understand why. But, now that i’m older, much sagely connected with my mind, and more spiritual i feel the need to continue practicing. I favor Wing Chun because it’s more relaxing and less aggressive. Even though i learned both Kung Fu and Karate, good fighting doesn’t come from how my fight styles you know, but how well you practice. Also, since i was a hardheaded person learning mix martial arts, i’m not certified in anything. If there would be anything i want to be certified in, it has to be Wing Chun. I’ve practice my own style for years, i am humble, quiet, and eager to learn. I’ve even taught people what i have learn growing up. My very good friend Charisse Mitchell says she has meet you, and she is one of the few that i have taught. As soon as she told me there was a school in Albany, my eyes blow up like fireworks. I mainly wanted to ask you kindly, respectfully, and humbly if i can be your disciple. I hope in time you consider me as one of your best and hard working students. An old saying my teachers use to tell me, “Respect those who do and don’t respect you. Humbly make your mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit as one whole piece to the puzzle we call life”

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