Schedule Update: Private Lessons

Traditional Private Lessons are now available every weekday between 9AM-4PM, when group classes are not in session.

Call 518 458 2941 to schedule a private lesson with Sifu Russ Cichon today!

3 thoughts on “Schedule Update: Private Lessons

  1. I love martial arts and have been doing it since a was a young kid. Now that i am grown up, i’ve became more passionate about it. I want to be better than what my potential is. I also want to master Wing Chun because i have always dreamed of being a Grandmaster and start my own form of martial arts for everyone to learn humbly. Practice is key, i practice every day only what i know. Growing up poor made it hard to focus on the things I love doing. But i learned never to give up on yourself. So i am furthering my training by learning any and everything there is about mix martial arts. Is there any type of way were i can learn and practice every day, hands on? I have no way of earning money, and i am even willing to work if possible. I am eager to learn, and will do anything to reach my goals. Please help me, i am very desperate 😦

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