The Art of Wing Chun

An articulate summary of the way Sifu Cichon teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu:


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Southern Chinese Martial art that emphasizes speed, balance, and economy of motion rather than brute strength. Wing Chun takes a common sense approach to self defense in real-life scenarios.  It was developed through collaboration between Shaolin Monks and military advisors in the mid-seventeenth century who were resisting foreign occupation.  It draws upon the fundamental principles of previous classical Kung Fu systems as well as those of military martial science, resulting in one highly efficient method.  The new system was taught secretly to a select few until the 1950’s when the Grandmaster Ip Man opened the first public Wing Chun school in Hong Kong.  Because of Grandmaster Ip’s effective teaching methods, and the success of his students, the “Ip Man System” is the most widely known version of Wing Chun throughout the world.

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