More website construction!

Hey – this is an update from Jesse – I’ll be, among other things, working on updating this website and CWC’s web presence in general. Just wanted to make a small announcement that the developments that are on the way.

We’ll be adding more content to the website –

  • likely a page about Sifu Russell Cichon and perhaps some related content about the history of the school
  • A bit about what Wing Chun is
  • An explanation of our school’s lineage, from Yip Man to his son Ip Ching to Russell Cichon
  • More multimedia (Stay tuned for Cichon’s Wing Chun – the youtube channel!), including videos, photos, and the like
  • CWC Mailing List  / Newsletters!
  • Content input from our own students & friends

Also, I’d like to thank everybody who participated in this weekend’s Demonstration in front of Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry. If you saw us, or stopped by, or honked your horn, it was very much appreciated – and we hope to see you stop by our school, too. There has been a jump in visits to our website following the event, so that’s a good sign.

Finally, to address a commonly asked question – feel free to stop by without an appointment to check out our school or talk to Sifu Cichon. Even if you just have a few moments and are curious, you are more than welcome to drop in.

Looking forward to seeing you, and, stay tuned for more website updates!

– Jesse

Cichon’s Wing Chun Web Administrator

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