Welcome To Our School

Cichon’s Wing Chun is a martial arts studio in Albany, New York run by Sifu Russell Cichon. We strive for an intelligent, authentic, and effective Wing Chun martial arts practice.

You are welcome to visit during the school’s open hours (see the left sidebar) to if you would like an extended conversation with Sifu Cichon – or show up before group classes start to observe our school.

Services Offered

  • Weekly Group Wing Chun Classes
  • Self Defense Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Seminars and Training Courses

To schedule private lessons or inquire about other services,
call us at (518) 458-2941

One thought on “Welcome To Our School”

  1. One of the most common questions we’ve received is “Do we teach children?”

    The answer is, essentially, yes. Sifu Cichon individualizes training to fit students with various needs and desires, so long as it fits in with the core principles of the teaching the art of Wing Chun.

    Our many students over the years have varied from young children to the elderly, from world traveling martial artists to bike-riding locals from Albany.

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